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Improving Visuals For the Las Vegas Area

Every day we make plans to improve our services and quality for our customers. With the first quarter already passed, we have been working hard bring you better quality and pricing for our virtual tours. Please feel free to view our updates for 2022!

What's new?

Thanks to much hard work and planning, we have been able to increase our 3D Virtual Tours clarity and detail. With upgrading equipment, we can now offer 5.7K Resolution for our 360 Degree Virtual Tours!

This upgrade and improvement in our processes has also helped improve our pricing group for our photography sessions.

Also, we are now certified with Asteroom as 3D Tour Professionals to better serve our community with better prices, smoother tours, and improved web hosting!

What is happening now?

As a start for a great and positive 2022, Vasquez360 is offering Realtors and Agents one free 3D Virtual Tour for your first photography session from April 29th until May 31st! Personal home sellers and renters can benefit from this special as well, since they can get 50% off the 3D Virtual Tours! See below for our newer sample tours and book a session today!

What is coming next?

2022 has much to offer and we plan to further expand our 3D technology for recording events and streaming live. One large event coming in November for Las Vegas will announce it's plans mid-May, and we are proud and eager to announce our support in working with them to bring our services to the public.

Also, are aiming to improve our capture services further by introducing 8K tours and virtual furnishing of empty homes! Subscribe today and stay tuned for more updates!

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